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Please feel free to get in contact if you wish to enquire about a portrait commission.

Below I explain the general route to commissioning a successful portrait.

How to commission a portrait from me

The first step is to discuss your requirements with me which is ideally done over the phone and followed up with a confirmation email from me detailing our agreed commission.

We will go through exactly what it is you are looking for, the size of the portrait and how much time including meetings that will be needed, prior to delivering the finished piece to you. 



Generally, an oil portrait (once commissioned and imagery confirmed or supplied), will need about from 1 - 3 months to complete unless it is a very large piece. This is because of the need for the layers of oil paint to dry properly. Smaller commissions should be completed in 1 month unless there are several changes.


The process

Once we have agreed the commission and timings, I will keep you updated with progress. You can see interim stages of the painting although be mindful that the imagery does develop throughout the process.

It is generally better to meet in person and get to know the subject I am painting. This gives us the opportunity to discuss your aspirations for the portrait and also take photos. However, if your commission is a surprise gift to your subject then I am happy to work to high quality photographs provided and agreed upon.

I like to work up a series of sketches and digital layouts for the portrait to confirm the final piece. This really helps to make sure we are on the same page visually prior to starting the commissioned painting. 

Once the painting is completed you will be advised of drying time and delivery timings.

On agreement of the commission at the start, the costs are 50% upfront and 50% on delivery of the painting. 



Small head (approx 30 x 30cm or A3) £1200

Head and shoulder (approx 40 x 50cm) £1500

Half figure (approx 40 x 60cm) £2000

Full figure (approx 80 x 100cm) £3500

Multiple heads or figures plus 60% per additional person)

Animals and landscape/architecture  POA

The above does not include additional photography and travel/visit by myself if required for the commission. For this I tend to advise £100 for photography work plus travel expenses of £0.45p per mile return trip.

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