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  • Stephanie Chappell

Currently working within the Virtual (world) of Reality

There are several projects I have been involved with over the past few months - none of which I can sing about yet as they are still 'work in progress' with high profile clients.

The first time I worked with VR was back in 2001 - at the BBC Election programming - we created and launched Peter Snow's first VR swingometer experience. It took some work - specifically with the programming but also with the creative design - linking party seats in the House of Commons into the share of the vote reflected by the swingometer.

Leap forward more than a decade and this very informative tool has been recognised foe its use in many areas of our daily lives - most notably within healthcare. The impact of an immersive virtual experience has been proved to help inform and dictate decisions by patients in areas where their only previous option was to question their GP.

To be part of this new way to inform patients - and to bring in the experience of many years within broadcast information graphics - is so exciting and rewarding.

Watch this space.....

Moodboard for VR interior scene

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