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  • Stephanie Chappell

Brightening up Budgen's branding POS

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

I was invited by a fabulous former client and Head of Marketing at Budgens to formulate Point of Sale ideas for their Spring campaigns, Mothers Day and Easter and then later on, for their Christmas campaign.

These ideas appear through the stores on banners both over head of the aisles and in promotional sections. They also needed designing for all outdoor campaigns on posters and canvas hangings - plus of course any digital promotions online.

For each of the campaigns, I developed mood boards and colour styling and once a certain theme was approved, I went on to storyboard all the photographic layouts along with directing the shoots plus most signficantly - sourcing all props and creating the painted backdrops.

It was a perfect example of working Direct to Client and proved very successful within their store promotions.

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