As well as being a Director and Project Leader, I have worked extensively in creating a lot of the artwork within my projects. From conceptualising - mood boards and storyboards, to styling and art direction, to painting backdrops, I love to throw myself and my skills completely into my work.

To enhance the projects I work on, I am continuing to build a catalogue in many artistic areas including illustration, portrait and landscape painting, photography and logo design/calligraphy.

It is that study into the detail of an eye that informs and inspires everything I create.

Below are examples of my work..

Mood/Style boards

Presentation1v5 - Budgens Spring style 2

Presentation PT for Spring branding at Budgens

Mood board for Choices UK

Mood board for the launch of Choices UK video hire

Style board - BBC Politics Show

Style board for the title sequence

Brand pitch - Bahrain

Imagery to discuss the logo pitch for Bahrain TV

Mood board BBC TV 'Have Your Say'

Style board for BBC title sequence 'Have Your Say'

Style board - Bahrain TV

Style board for branded TV stations

Mood Board VR

Style board for interiors


Budgens Spring style

Visual set-ups for photo shoots detailing style and products

Budgens Spring style pink

Detailed layout for food photo shoot

VR sequence

Image layout for VR to set up each section of sequence

Abu Dhabi content sequence

Images to present each ADTV channel branded content

LInkedIn storyboard

Part of the 3 minute sequence explaining LinkedIn for Business

Bahrain trophy board

Sequence styling to develop new brand for Bahrain TV pitch

MK One Wishlist storyboard

storyboard for MK One shopping centre promotion

Styling | Art Direction

Budgens Spring brand

Budgens Christmas brand

Budgens generic brand

Budgens Mothers Day

Budgens Christmas brand

Budgens Spring brand

Budgens Christmas brand

Logo design

Fabtastic Films logo

Heart Kitchen logo business card

Hairdressing logo

Plant hire logo

TV titles logo

TV titles logo


Shop launch - Rosie's Cheeks

food event shoot

Autumn leaves, colour and sunlight _#Enl

Food event shoot

Proms shoot

Horse natural

food event pumpkin

food event foraging expert

Baby shoot

Environment horticulture

Interiors light

Food branding shoot

location shoot - horses

Abruzzo #villasfor2

Travel shoot - Tasmania

Field walk shoot

Family shoot

Food event shoot

Environment shoot

Personal branding shoot

Baby clothing website shoot


Pencil drawing

Flower artwork

Portrait oil painting

Pencil drawing

Typography design

Display pencil drawings

Hand written lettering

© 2020 by Stephanie Chappell

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